NeoVirgin – Reviews, price, how it works, reviews, experience, composition, dosage, side effects, where to buy

NeoVirgin – Reviews, price, how it works, reviews, experience, composition, dosage, side effects, where to buy
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Vaginal Infections In Girls

NeoVirgin reviews, action, price, where to buy

As a natural childbirth as natural processes menopausal can cause failure in the structural tissues of the vagina, which leads to a syndrome of relaxation of the vagina, reducing vaginal walls or prolapse of the bladder or rectum through the vagina. Exercise, depending on the recommendations is the tightening of the pelvic floor muscles (but without compression of the muscles of the buttocks or abdomen). Clamp them for a few moments (that is, not omdlewając!) and relaxes. My gynecologist, to which I went during pregnancy, recommended this exercise for approx. 5-10 minutes, 3 times a day. The horse with the government one who remembers! But it so happened that you don't need to specifically prepare to sit on the rug in the Lotus position or lie down on the couch. This exercise you will be able to carry literally everywhere.

For women with regular and proper Kegel exercises is a great way lot of problems. In addition to urinary incontinence, the exercises also help in childbirth and enhance sexual satisfaction for both partners. Do not exercise if the pregnancy is threatened.

NeoVirgin reviews

Therefore, it is vital to maintain the physiological microflora of women in equilibrium. Therefore, it is advantageous to give a parallel to antibiotic of probiotic preparations, but only those that contain strains resistant to the antibiotic. Otherwise lactic acid will be destroyed by the antibiotic.

Until recently, these symptoms were considered due to the inevitable aging women, and treatment, passed only by the patient periodically. Traditional surgery is a very Intrusive solution, with a high risk of side effects, including: wounds internal, dyspareunia (pain sexual organ), bleeding or fistulas.

For use in the vagina to introduce a half dose of the cream from the applicator into the vagina, preferably at bedtime. The cream can be applied 1 time a day or less (e.g., 2-3 times per week). It depends on the individual diseases. It is recommended to wear insoles of hygiene at the time of application of the cream.

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Malaise, most often occurring in girls are vaginal discharge. It may be the first sign of inflammation of the vulva, vagina or both. Upławom may be accompanied by: itching, częstomocz, dyzuria or enuresis. An inflammation of the vulva compared with the inflammation of the vagina often has przewlekający move. Vaginitis is characterized by upławami without symptoms dyzurycznych, itching, or redness of the vulva. In inflammation of the vulva and vagina may experience all the symptoms listed above. You should pay attention to color, smell and expiry date upławów.

Dr. Alice Długołęcka: now as girls we blah-blah-conformity and inspired us with the confidence that if we don't get to the head. Political correctness says that, supposedly, brings us to independent and intelligent people, but at the end of primary school we find ourselves in the so-called research Bermuda triangle, in which there is no place for individualism and intellectual independence.

Drożdżaki Candida except kandydozą of the vagina can also cause discomfort for both women and men, children, and babies. Predisposing factors for the development of symptoms is also (as in the case of vaginal candidiasis), the decrease in immunity, chronic diseases, AIDS, antibiotic therapy, exhaustion and stress, diabetes, or immunosuppressive therapy.

Thank you, dear, that I've written. Well, just want to, but my doctor asked me what I'm not. But I don't want wkladki. So she asked if I was too old to tablet, Because a lot of women taking them. Please tell me. Pozdrawiami thanks in advance.

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EdgePulse produces high peak power for a very short time, which ensures rapid removal of the dermis and epidermis. Each laser pulse also generates heat in the dermis. Deep heating causes immediate spasm of the tissue, thus minimizing damage to the epidermis and reduces the time of regeneration.

Experts suggest that a bath with baking soda can ease itching of the vagina during pregnancy and to reduce the pH of the vagina. With this, you can mix the purified soda with water and apply this mixture on the itchy places. You should remember to wear loose clothing to facilitate the flow of air that will lead to the fact that the shell is clean and dry.

Feminost is associated with the herbal extracts and vitamins contained in the preparation, maintain proper muscle tension. Vitamin D helps in the proper functioning of muscles and also helps in proper functioning of the immune system. Vitamin B12 plays an important role in the process of cell division, including cells of the muscles and also helps in proper functioning of the immune system. The extract of pumpkin seeds keeps the proper strength and stimulates muscle growth affecting the proper holding of urine. The effect of these components enhance the isoflavones, extract of nettle and of crushed the juice from the fruit cranberry.

When you decide to try in the bedroom of lubricants, remember that the ways to use them-a lot. Play with them and experiment in search of total pleasure. Flavor gels intimate, ideal for oral sex, and moisturizing gels based on silicone suitable for long upojnej night, sex in the shower, or anal sex.

Gynecology, aesthetic and plastic is a rapidly developing area of science. As in the case of other disciplines from the medycny, the basis of therapeutic success is the knowledge and skills ("knowledge and skills"). Still described more than 10 different methods for reducing the labia minora (labiaplasty) - and the knowledge and experience guarantee selection of the appropriate method for this patient. Also, in case of loose vagina (VRS vaginal relaxation syndrome) - diagnosis and the appropriate treatment of related defects inside the camera wieszadłowego of the vagina and uterus or urinary incontinence, can ensure the success of the therapy VRS.

The main area of SkinClinic are the laser treatments of aesthetic medicine. A team of outstanding professionals of the Warsaw clinic uses only innovative technologies, which makes it possible to individually select the best solution from aesthetic medicine. SkinClinic has many modern lasers odmładzającymi and beauty salon, which allow you to perform treatments to eliminate fat deposits, contouring, sleep visibly smooths wrinkles of the skin, and improve facial contours and reduce wrinkles.

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Chronic trichophytosis zanikowa (chronic atrophic oral candidosis), a Disease most often affects patients wearing dentures and there, mainly on the taste under the plate dentures, can also localize the language, which is full of aliasing. The deposits have the character of extensive spots or different blush that cause discomfort like burning or pain.

Hymenoplasty is the reconstruction (recovery) of mucous membrane the hymen. Although this procedure is mainly for reasons of religious and socio-cultural, there are circumstances in which the restoration of lost virginity is aimed at creating a joy for the partner. Often patients produce hymenoplastyce of the reasons medical psychological.

Fungal infection is the second after the bacteria cause inflammation of the genitals in women. It can be identified by the presence of a characteristic "serowatych" upławów and intense itching and soreness of the genital organs. To distinguish ringworm from bacterial infection is extremely important for effective therapy.

IntimaLase is an innovative, unique, noninvasive and patented therapy of sleep visibly reduces wrinkles vagina laser Er:YAG. The method is based on photothermal voltage and the reduction of the channel of the vagina. Indications for treatment is the loss of the optimal structure of the vagina and surrounding tissues after childbirth or through natural processes of aging. The procedure is effective, safe, and easy to implement.

I after two natural births both with the cut and sewing. The last 10 years ago. And my first birth was the salvation of the middle, because I was really too "tight", and I couldn't get too crazy in bed. Hurt and hell, and I didn't much not to love. Only after delivery I realized the pleasure that gives sex. Mega-orgasms. Night marathons. Lack of shame. The only obstacle is the need to be quiet. For me, a woman then goes into some makeup from girl to woman. Like fully matured. Of course, the tiredness. Lack of sleep and proper training is very tiring. Here you need to seek help. What is the body I'm the lucky one, probably because I had no stretch marks, no I got fat, and quickly returned to his normal. Today I do not see a big difference.

How long does the effect, - If the problem occurs in young mothers, will she enjoy the result during the year or to the next birth in which there is always a risk of excessive stretching of tissue, - explains Eugene Rogala. - However, the strengthening of the vagina during surgery, can zaprocentować and lead to the fact that after the next birth, the problem does not occur at all or occurs to a lesser extent. In the case where a woman after menopause, use of appropriate replacement therapy is the right level of hormones to maintain the effect of the procedure.

As in any sport, to have the results, you need to put on a regularity and discipline. Muscles need to train so they can become stronger and so they can increase their mass. 6 weeks is the minimum period in which every muscle can "expand" and the Kegel muscles are no exception. After 6 weeks of intensive training receive the expected effects. Clamp the muscles in the series, for example, 10 x short spasm; 5 x long spasm.

However, if after these 5 days you will feel that you enter the apartment, in butter, and you know what always used to be different, you may have some suspicions. Thus it is better to check the other methods described here, it might give you some food for thought, but solves nothing, because, can, just used your favorite vibrator, or another banana.

Is reasonably self-contained - as I wrote - what to bathe herself,inflame something to the table,he with of sofa in room to watch TV,be taking medication that buys her a good neighbor.Drugs without prescription - vitamin,something in rheumatism etc.

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A couple of years ago, suffering from problems of urinary incontinence can undergo only substitution therapy with use of hormones and to wear special inserts and diapers anatomical. According to information found on over 40% of patients appear in the physician's office, only after 5 years borykania with the problem. Only 25% of women decided on professional help. Despite the lack of accurate statistics on how many patients (due to the fact that many women hesitate to go to the doctor), the prevalence of the problem known to doctors so much that is still developing new methods of treatment. The last of these is laser therapy for urinary incontinence in women is a painless procedure, in the process briefly and give satisfactory results. Therapy is mainly women at a younger age, trying to get rid of wysiłkowym incontinence mild or moderate severity.

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If too much time has passed after the birth, you train the muscles of the pelvic floor, and then you feel that Your vagina is too "loose", you can decide on plastic surgery of the vagina, that is waginoplastykę. Unfortunately, the treatment need to pay, even for a few thousand (usually up to 5 thousand. RUB.). Lasts long, only 45 minutes and consists of narrowing the vagina. Can also be performed using a laser.

So if you have sex once in 5 days after the previous sexual intercourse, her vagina is reduced and ścieśnia. When it comes in, you feel resistance in the beginning, even if you've had a long foreplay. Within the first 10 seconds, her vagina needs to get used to the shape and size of Your penis.

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Joanna Keszka: If we can't go out for a long walk without zahaczania toilet. When we notice that we are launching today, the urine, at least a few drops when laughing, sneezing. The tendency of weak muscles Kegel we inherit. If my mother, my grandmother had problems of this kind - no need to wait, when we start, because, of course, will begin.

Each violation of the level of this hormone can cause the vagina to be too dry. This problem concerns especially women in the premenopausal and menopause (when it disappears the action of the ovaries, estrogen is produced in smaller quantities), during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as undergoing treatment with hormones or using hormonal contraception.

When wytrenujesz already pelvic floor muscles, try to play with them in bed together with your partner. Try during sex rhythmically to squeeze the Kegel muscles with a series of short reduced. And when there is no experience, start eksperymentowac with long contractions. During intercourse, you can use balls, which increases Your sensitivity and feelings of both parties.

Women also tease postpartum scars on the skin. They arise as a result of wrong cut and cover the vulva during childbirth. In these places are formed keloid scars which hurt and give pain. In addition look nieestetycznie. Gynecology, aesthetic to remove such scars and to improve the quality of life of patients. A contraindication for this procedure is confirmed or soon to be pregnancy, cancer, bleeding disorders, poor health and showing and research results. Not recommended for plastics of the vagina before delivery, because after her appearance and status will definitely change. The operation, however, is not a contraindication for another pregnancy.

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Another issue is that during training of the pelvic floor muscles not used other party of the body such as the thighs or buttocks. Like that it is a large and strong muscle group, instinctively napinamy them, as I can't find, if skillfully highlight will shrink only the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Cream inserted into the vagina with a special applicator 3 times a week (e.g. morning). This allows you to remove the dryness for a few days. Can be useful, especially for women before menopause who are just starting to feel the effects of hormone deficiency and vaginal dryness. Also recommended for postmenopausal women who cannot or do not want to use hormones.

Bought and I'm mega HAPPY. Mug is leaking, and in fact blood flows by them, and only sometimes it gets. I chose the size based on the survey, but also read a lot on this subject and don't even know what size to choose, because this has to be perfect. I suspect that it is the specifics of the construction, and probably would not have been possible for me to find the right.

The Mona Lisa Touch laser, safe for health - bloodless carried out by non-invasive lifting and does not require recuperation after the procedure. I can use it all women, regardless of age. Leaves no scars, as in the case of surgical treatment, and stimulates the body to produce collagen, making the fabric tight and flexible.

Laser rejuvenation of the vagina, real women, where the positive were carried out using laser molecular. The beam interacts with the liquid contained in the cells, and, consequently, the action of heat generated in the wall of the vagina. In this regard, the influence of dead skin cells flake off, and the skin becomes more elastic. The laser affects the skin and mucous membranes, due to micro-cuts, making. Because of this, and begin to catch up with intimate muscles. While slight bleeding can be observed the growth.

Treatment in case of vaginal dryness depends first of all from reasons that are not always difficult to determine. If a disease appeared with the contraceptive pill, consult your gynecologist who will determine how to proceed. You'll probably find yourself changing medicines. In the case of women in menopause, used hormonal drugs.

Numerous and traumatic childbirth, injury, age, congenital defects of connective tissue, heavy physical work, diseases undergoing increased pressure in the abdominal cavity (eg, asthma), changes associated with age and a decrease in the level of female sex hormones cause the reduction of tension and the muscles and fascia of the vagina. The result is loss of elasticity and firmness of the vagina, leading to the so-called: "zespłu loose vagina" (eng. Vaginal relaxation syndrome). The result is a decrease in satisfaction during sexual intercourse.

lydek, but diathesis in skurczow of the uterus can develop when growing seedlings, the child will take from the mother's body a lot of calcium and magnesium. You can prevent this by using foods rich wapn and magnesium, for example, milk and dairy products, bananow and green vegetables.

The material was developed in collaboration with the brand GINEintima Products GINEintima allow you to determine the pH, and thus to diversify infection of the vagina. If you feel the symptoms of infection intimate, do test GINEintima and check out the colors on the attached scale. In depending on the result you can use vaginal tablets, cream and gel ClotriActive VagiActive. For daily care is designed as a gel for intimate hygiene GINEintima.

Thermal method is a systematic, daily measuring and dokĹ'nor maintaining temperature ciaĹ (tuĹĽ after waking up and always with the same thermometer). In healthy women during ovulation ciepĹ'ota ciaĹ, and slightly drops and raises nastÄpnie ñ, czÄsto even to 37,5 oC. Through caĹ'Ñ... drugÄ... it owÄ cycle keeps on this level. From 3 days podwyĹĽszonej temperature begins term niepĹ'odny. The the beginning of the application of the method of heat select at least cubic"Ð ° cycles wspĂłĹ'ĹĽyć only after ovulation.

Kegel muscles, also called the pelvic floor muscles, defined muscles łonowo-guziczne, they connect bone to bone pubic arrested. Wyściełają the bottom of the pelvis and support the organs, i.e. the bladder, uterus, rectum. If you want to find them, try to stop the flow of urine while emptying the bladder. That is to stop the flow of urine, you use the muscles Kegel.

The Kegel muscles are often called the pelvic floor muscles, or pubococcygeus muscles. Their main task is the maintenance of the abdominal cavity from the bottom of the Kegel muscles are located between your pubic bone and guziczną - a bit like a hammock. Flabby, weak pelvic floor muscles can at the time of labour (so you should perform the exercises that are discussed during pregnancy ) and in premenopausal and menopause, bring to unpleasant consequences and diseases.

Muscle łonowo-guziczne, also called the Kegel muscles (from the name of the inventor of the exercises improving their condition) located at the entrance to the vagina. Few people know that they have them not only women but also men. They are mainly used to control urination.

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Me suchośc the vagina for intravaginal helped Hydrovag how it is caused zazywaniem hormonal contraception after childbirth, as a Major component is hyaluronic acid, which is known to be intensely moisturizes the skin, binding water as gabka. The treatment lasts atydzień but I used that for some time to maintain the effect.

However, it may happen that pussy after birth. too close. The reason is often too tightly bound naciętego or bitches crotch, ending the pain and also discomfort during sex. And Yes, I know that the best birth is like this, when nothing nacina and the baby popping up the same thing - but let's look truth in the eye. We live in a country where good, nice and comfortable birth just need to pay or it has a unique happiness. The vast majority of us regularly cut or burst like a starfish, because what we have here is the standard - and don't believe that you don't know even one woman who was at the birth of the cut and then some zszyta. And that because of this poured into my pillow a lot of his tears.

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Soaps, shampoos, salts and oils, bathrobes are undesirable, as they remove the natural protective layer of the skin and can leave annoying residue. Around the entrance to the vagina washes with plain water and a sponge and hand shower allows you to properly direct the flow of water.

To the beginning...the beginning of the cycle is not observed Faces backlash, or low', sticky, nierozciagliwy, gÄsty. When zblizamy € in Oud Details gap is more than € pĹ'Bong,...gliwy, it wiÄcej and feel mokroĹ"Ð ° Details liskoĹ"Ð ° wejĹ"ti in the vagina. Last dzieĹ" Faces"of clearance pĹ'odnego is called the day of the PEAK SYMPTOM ĹšLUZU, is the day when obserujemy Items clearance pĹ'odny in the past. Of vertices, Faces no backlash Details cisĹ'y connection...connection time with Oud, ktĂła wystÄpuje najczÄsciej two days after, or two days before the summit. After Oud Details gap is ñ again gÄsty, sticky and opaque, zamykajÄ...c the same weĹ"you in the uterus (via szyjkÄ oczywiĹ"Ð ° ie).

Fortunately, also in Poland we have people break this taboo. One of them is Jeanne Keszka - edukatorka sexy, promotorka women's right to pleasure and inicjatorka summer promotion "All Russia trains the Kegel muscles". During the six weeks of stock (so much needs to strengthen the muscles) the site publishes videos and discuss the various aspects of care of the Kegel muscles. Final action will be a General training of the pelvic floor muscles, organized in Warsaw's club Iskra (pole Mokotowskie, St. Wawel 5) Saturday, 22 August, p. 15.

The most interesting feature of the device Nu-Tek Levator Elite, however, the function of ETS. She is to release an electric stimulus (EMS), which will be sent to the muscles in response to a detected EMG signal. In this variant of the method of biofeedback EMG, the patient not only recognizes their muscles, but also the efforts made in the tension of the muscles helps topically with the help of electrical stimulation. In a typical treatment session, the patient feels a pronounced spasm of the muscles caused by electrical stimulus and then trying to support this spasm on their own.

The most preferable time to perform the operation labiaplasty is 7-15 day cycle. The procedure should not be performed during menstruation. If you have any infections, such as colds, inflammation of the bladder - be sure to tell your doctor.

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The easiest problem is urinary incontinence. Often we hear among friends or family, the statement: "I peed in my pants laughing"- sorry, actually it's not a laughing matter. Even a single situation needs to trouble us! On his misfortune women begin to seek help, even a few years after the first signs of throwing urine. The same applies to a situation when, during exercise, for example, playing on trampolines, we will see the problems with retention of urine.

It should be noted that Kegel exercises are less effective for women who have additional problems, such as those associated with urinary incontinence. However, not that I wanted to write this article. If you feel slight discomfort associated with the pelvic floor muscles, here you will learn and get acquainted with the exercises with which you can reinforce them and improve the comfort of life.

Scientists believe, therefore, that the daily demand for isoflavones for women during premenopausal and menopause is in the range of 40-45 mg, which corresponds to approx. 40 g soybean, 100 g tofu 500 g of soy milk. If you don't like soybeans, enter the menu, vegetables, legumes (beans, lentils, peas or beans). Phytoestrogens include flax seed , oat flakes, sunflower seeds and pumpkin, cherries, apples, pears and onions. They should have, because they contained plant hormones also have properties, antioxidant and antifungal activity.

Don't see why dyskutujecie ,what does Masturbation cisnot± the vagina ,can the debaters tell me,± ±the pants of the guy in k±pleksy say±c him that Masturbation is something bad, and as a result (¶to quit penis) has it ¶ said that as a result of Masturbation wyrastaj± between his fingers the hair and it bezpłodnym. Are there any who¶ here wrote that thin, :yawn: just fingering gets used to other bodĽców than the s± in the vagina. And nobody says that it is bad.

Don't be ashamed of this problem, but rather to find the optimal method to cope with it. Do not hesitate, therefore, to read on the subject, to say, to buy products that solve the problem of a free vagina. You have the right to feel confident and comfortable during sex for a long, long time.

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Sometimes a bacterial infection of the vagina can also include a coil of the disease. Then the patient feel an unpleasant itching and burning in the vagina is accompanied by a sudden pressure on the bladder into the urethra. In addition, women may complain of the pain and discomfort of the labia and dryness in the vagina. These symptoms are severity usually before menstruation.

Unfortunately, such construction of the insides, the guts are very close, sometimes come in contact with the bodies rodnymi and force things when peristalsis slows down the charge itself, people talking to you, lies on longer, producing toxic gases and other sediments deposited, which rot, penetrating through the intestinal wall and, as a consequence vagina drowning in thick green river pathogens. You can annoy, humiliate yourself, złorzeczyć, but they are still there, still stoked abundance of stress.

Whatever medication is necessary to Fund the Lactobacillus responsible for the maintenance of normal vaginal flora, e.g., taking medications with appropriate probiotic strains of bacteria Lactobacillus to colonize the vaginal epithelium and create a protective barrier. These drugs can be taken topically (vaginally, in Poland, for example, Lactovaginal)) or oral (that also protected the gastrointestinal tract in Poland, for example, Lakcid, Lacidofil, Trilac). Gynecologists also recommend medications that restore the epithelium, the vagina (in Poland, for example, Cicatridina). treatment decided by the doctor.

A new generation of skin care that you will look younger Your skin. The formula used regularly speeds up the natural process of skin regeneration. The product is recommended.Lirene Set rejuvenation 60+ 2 el. Shipping Amber Reconstruction of 60+ Firming cream anti-wrinkle day and night Firming.

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These symptoms ¶testify± the so-called bladder nadreaktywnym. For starters±æ treatment overactive bladder need to go to the doctor of first contact, urologist or gynecologist. He order performance of fundamental researches: the General analysis and urine culture, ultrasound of the urinary tract with estimates± residual urine after urination. When the results is± correct, you can start±æ treatment antycholinergicznymi (for example, Vesicare, Ditropan, Detrusitol). Treatment should continue for at least 3 months±ce. When, after months±cu will not improve, it will be necessary to study the judge±the publishing steps¶æ lower urinary tract - the so-called research urodynamicznego.

From time to time you may also sięgn±t after which¶ toys, for example, condoms with lining designed so that, please don't hurry± the penis. Very good homemade way to paste something at the end of the condom. Literally. There are, of course, to ensure that it is not, then, ¶coordination centre, together±cy. Popular science¶ci± enjoy± in such cases, any kind of not too soft and not too hard beads or balls, as well as organic materials. Their dimensions¶æ depends on the preferences of the partner.

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The answers to this topic, at least somewhat. First of sexuality, especially women, for centuries, did not speak, so if women were some sort of problem probably was, they specifically were not interested. That's why you can't assume that their waste was Kegel exercises. Secondly, once women were born in a completely different, natural and easy position. Today the process of childbirth was zmedykalizowany. Position mortality it is convenient for midwives and doctors, but not for women giving birth. Thirdly, in the old days most people are much more moved, and their bodies were generally more effective excess weight was not so common. The way of life in the twenty-first century is radically different, which affects the risk of developing certain diseases.

Menopause affects the intimate organs of women who are subjected to aging process by reducing levels of estrogen. Reduces the activity of fibroblasts and, consequently, the reduction of collagen production. By reducing the number and activity of mucous glands appear dry. OK. 50% of postmenopausal women complain of vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, irritation, manifested in the form of baking and itching and syndrome relaxation of the vagina. These symptoms reduce the quality of life and mental well-being of women.

Plastic surgery of the anterior wall of the vagina and perineum is not performed in patients in poor General condition, which operation may be associated with an increased risk of complications, including threat to health associated with the deterioration of the health of the body. In addition, not performed operations in plastic surgery of the anterior wall of the vagina and perineum in women who have a chance at good results as a result of applying conservative treatment. Patients who plan to have children or wish to porób mileage was natural ways to avoid cesarean section, if possible plastic surgery of the anterior wall of the vagina and perineum should be deferred until completion of childbearing.

These people usually do not experience anxiety in the anonymous crowd of people. And may be experiencing when you find yourself in a small certain group of people (except family) before public, eating in public, using public toilets, before the abiding presence of the opposite sex.

The patient must have a current gynecological examination, including the current cytologię of the cervix. The presence of the IUD is not a contraindication can be before surgery. In case of bad PAP smear results, the procedure can be performed after the end of treatment.

The Lord must have large complexes, on the topic of small penises. In accordance with the survey conducted among students found that 90% of women have more pleasure from intercourse, if the penis has a greater circumference, and not, as they furnish the men - duration. Attention! 85% of women are quite satisfied with the size penis partner.

The first stage of training of the pelvic floor muscles, regardless of the type of violations should be training sensorimotoric - study awareness of the various parts of the perineal region and their tension and relaxation. The purpose of this exercise is to improve communication between the brain and ćwiczonymi muscles.

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